Wave UC Brand Consistancy

The following represents design guidelines for consistency in portraying the Wave UC brand online and in print.  

Web page colors

Primary Brand color: #00B4FF; Links (non-visited and visited at rest): #00B4FF; No other color should be used for text unless defined in this document. Do NOT use inline-styles in HTML. For all other styling, use grayscale, selective bold, and font-size to differentiate.

Headings and Heading Subtitles

H1 Heading
H1 Subtitle

Heading font-size: 36px; font-weight: 500; /* Normal */ color: #333333; /* rgb(51,51,51) */ Subtitle – same for all headings font-size: 0.8em; color: #999999; /* rgb(153,153,153) */

H2 Heading
H2 Subtitle

Heading font-size: 30px;

H3 Heading
H3 Subtitle

Heading font-size: 24px;

H4 Heading

Heading font-size: 18px;
H5 Heading
Heading font-size: 14px;
H6 Heading
Heading font-size: 12px;  


Use Bootstrap styling (class: btn) Add / Buy / Desirable outcome: btn-success Add / Buy Remove / Stop / End: btn-danger Remove / Stop Cancel / Option : btn-default Cancel / Random Option Generic Call to Action: btn-primary General Call-To-Action  

Web page, Email, and Print body text

font-family: “Helvetica Neue”, Arial; font-size: 14px; color: #333333; Body text on non-pattern images should be in a container with either black or white glass as the background.
White glass
div class=’bg-white-glass’
Black Glass
div class=’bg-black-glass’

Wave UC Logo

Name and Logo (white / light background):   Name and Logo (black / dark background):   Logo (stamp) (white / light background)   Logo (stamp) (black / dark background)  

Wave UC Product and Service Icons