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Wave UC is a proud member of the small business community in Tampa, FL. Although we offer services throughout the world, we have the honor of being able to provide additional local presence to our customers in the greater Tampa Bay area. Continue browsing below to see our full suite of services available to small businesses in Tampa.

Responsive Web Design

Engage more customers with our Responsive Web Design. Increase your small business website visits with mobile friendly content and responsive web design.
Responsive web design for small business by Wave UC
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Complete Web Design Solution

We have a consultative approach to web design. Before any design begins, we strive to understand your business, associated market, and key objectives for your website.
We incorporate responsive in your new website design, or, if you already have a website, we can modify it and make it responsive. Wave UC team has all the tools and technology to make your website more accessible.

Our Web Design Process

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Professional Web Design Company

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Wave UC designs professional responsive website for business. Initial impressions have a phenomenal impact on the way people browse your business website. By choosing Wave UC for your website design, you will have a professionally designed website that is both visually attractive and easy to navigate. We have a highly efficient web design process to get your website online fast.

Responsive Web Design starts at $1,499 $999(only for a limited time)
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Responsive Web Design Trends

Wave UC stays current with the latest web design trends. A modern and trendy responsive web design presence will attract more online viewers increasing your chance or converting the visits into sale. Digital marketing starts and finishes with your website. Following the latest website design trends will keep your online presence relevant and appealing to prospective clients.

Latest Responsive Web Design Technology

  Our responsive web designs are developed with performance in mind. Wave UC uses only the latest in web technology to produce an immersive, simple and user-friendly experience for your customers. Examples of technologies we use are HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript libraries like jQuery. Our websites are designed to work with a variety of browsers like iOS, Android, Chrome and others.  

Responsive Web Design FAQ

To make it simple: Responsive web design is the design that adapts to different screen sizes that the website is being viewed. Nowadays, Americans use smartphone and tablet than desktops to access the internet. If your website is not “responsive” means that it does not display well on mobile devices. The chances of converting that mobile visitor into a customer is almost none.
You can test it yourself: Open your website in any desktop browser and resize the window. If the layout changes as you resize, the design is responsive. Another way to check is to view your website on your smartphone, an e-reader or a tablet. How does it look? Does it look readable? Or do you need to keep increasing the zoom and dancing with your fingers to be able to see something clear? If it’s being too difficult to read the screen on your mobile device, there is a higher chance your website is not responsive.
The greatest advantages are:
  • Save Money: We only design and maintain one website for your small business
  • RWD is great to increase SEO (search rankings). Before RWD you probably had two different websites, one for mobile and one for desktop. Most search engines like Google considers this outdated solution as two different websites instead of one. Which makes double the work to try to rank well on Google.
  • Increase ROI, instead of paying to design a desktop website only, that won’t display well on mobile devices, invest in a RWD so you can reach a higher audience to advertise your products and services (mobile users)
The cost of a website re-design includes several factors: How was your website created? How many pages, among other technical information needed. The great thing is, we offer free responsive web design estimates. It is up to you if you would like a quote for a website re-design, an estimate to convert your website into responsive or to get an estimate for a complete new website design. Send us a text at (813) 863-1480 or fill it out our contact form and we’ll work the best solution for you.
Usually it takes from 20 to 30 business days to delivery a complete responsive website. I said “usually” because we offer a very specific design based on your website needs. The days can vary if you only need a basic 6 page boutique website to display your services or if you need a complex eCommerce website with thousands of products to be shipped out worldwide.
We have a consultative approach to our web design. We like to keep an open communication with you to fully understand the key objectives for your website. We believe you are the best referral for information about your business and industry, we work hard to make sure this is reflected online.
No at all. You can provide your own web hosting. However, it’s often simpler for us to provide the hosting as well. We proudly offer our customers competitive pricing on email and website hosting. We’d love to hear from you! Fill out the form below or send us a text to (813) 863-1480 and we will get in touch with you really fast!
Yes you can! At Wave UC, we offer co-management options for your website design. Each website design is unique, for that reason we will provide you with the right guidance to ensure your pages will be created and displayed perfectly in any device. If you have more specific requests, we would love to hear from you: You can call us or send us a text at (813) 863-1480.
Yes you can as well 🙂 You may add additional website pages at a flat rate per page at any time. If you are looking for a budget friendly web design package, we can start with the minimal five pages website package. When your business start growing, we will grow your website as well.
Our responsive web design service packages are already marked at very affordable rates. Still, we are also small business owners and we love the BOGO concept so, if you have more than 2 websites to order, we will consider your case and offer you attractive discounts. We’re not here to sell you a product, we are here to offer you a high quality service so we can grow with you!

Ask Us for your FREE Website Estimate

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Web Design Services

We provide all the services needed to create a complete web design solution for your business. From website design to website hosting to organic search engine optimization and social media management - Wave UC is your business partner in the cloud.
Wave Unified Communications - Local SEO Search Engine Optimization Tampa

Local SEO in Tampa

Customers will find you on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Wave UC makes your website optimized for the major search engines.

Local SEO Service Details

Wave Unified Communications - Social Media in Tampa

Social Media in Tampa

Engage your customers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We manage your social accounts to get your message heard.

Social Media in Tampa Service Details

Wave Unified Communications - Tampa Web Design

Tampa Web Design

Wave UC brings your business to life on the web. Create a new website or update your current one.

Tampa Web Design Service Details


PPC Campaign

Wave UC offers affordable PPC Campaigns for small businesses looking to get ahead with Google AdWords & Facebook Ads. PPC Campaign Management
Wave Unified Communications - Tampa Web Hosting

Tampa Web Hosting

Wave UC will host your website, register your domain and make your site available to all devices.

Web Hosting Service Details

Wave Unified Communications - e-commerce

Tampa E-Commerce Website

Sell products and services through your website. We secure your site to ensure all sensitive traffic is encrypted.

Tampa e-Commerce Website Service Details

Wave Unified Communications - Tampa Small Business Email Hosting

Email for Tampa Small Businesses

We give your professional email addresses accessible from the web, Outlook or your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Professional Small Business Email Service Details


Email Marketing

Wave UC offers email marketing to grow your business through promotions, newsletters, surveys and more.

Email Marketing

Web Design Packages

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Contact us for a quote, questions or anything else using your preferred method of communication. We are here to take care of all of your web needs. Start the conversation below!

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