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In 2012, the spike in mobile device sales and usage triggered a shift in website architecture focused on “responsive website design.”

When mobile devices started increasing in popularity, businesses began designing two different websites – one targeted for your desktop and laptop computer and another that is targeted for your mobile phone or tablet. This created a management nightmare for the website administrator due to the need to maintain both websites.  So as a solution, website designers focused on using the same website, same content and creating separate CSS styles that determine which device you are using and then displaying the appropriate layout.   The biggest differences are typically visible in the navigation menu, the use of side bars, and the readability of the website’s contents on your mobile device.

According to Cisco IBS Group, 1 in 3 people search for a website on their mobile phones or tablets. Everyday the number of platforms, devices and browsers that need to work with your website grows.  A responsive website design represents a fundamental shift in how websites need to be built.  You only have one website to maintain.  Elements from your site can be turned on and off and optimized to make it more friendly for mobile devices.

Wave UC built its website based on the responsive design principles. Check us out on your phone or tablet to see the difference. Keep us in mind when you are ready to redesign your existing website or launch your new website. You will see the return on investment through better conversion rates on mobile devices – not to mention that your customers will thank you for having a useful website!

This infographic from Dot Com Infoway (DCI) provides insights on the concept of responsive website design and the reasons for its rising popularity.

Wave Unified Communications Responsive Website Design