Is QR Code Dead?

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No, QR Code is not dead! If you are using it the right way.  QR codes, just like SEO, has its lovers and haters.  Just like the basic rule for a healthy life, “balance” should be the keyword.  I have researched QR Codes for quite a while and what was most interesting is that the same tech people that first hated it, later saw its true value and endorsed it.  The reverse seems to be true as well.

The “Quick Response” code was first designed in Japan in the 90’s for the automotive industry. QR codes were utilized to track vehicles during manufacturing and to allow high-speed component scanning.  QR Codes are a 2-D matrix barcode, different than the old tradition 1-D barcode that only holds up to 30 numbers. QR Codes can hold a larger amount of data, up to 7,089 characters. QR Codes have strongly increased their presence in marketing strategies.  Some big name brands that are utilizing this marketing tool are: McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Kohl’s and our local brand – Publix.   Scanlife released the Infographic below showing that 6.7M scans were processed in 2013 first quarter alone. Wave Unified Communications - Blog QR Code Infographic

QR Code Cons

A couple of issues pointed out online include:

  • lack of education or awareness about the purpose of the QR Code

  • people are more visual and the QR Code isn’t that visually appealing,

  • users need to download the app to “scan” it,

  • some people called it pointless because it just links someone to a url.

If you search carefully you would notice that most of the cons are from 2011 and before when: 1) QR codes were only used to redirect customers to a website.  2) “Mobile apps” hadn’t yet become part of a daily routine for most people.

QR Code Pros

  1. It’s fast and easy to scan.  With an app downloaded to your phone, just hold your phone to the QR code and scan.

  2. You can use a QR Code to link to your business website, a coupon code, an event, a phone number, contact information, a geolocation.  Not only a flat web page like people used to believe.

  3. You can add QR codes to any paper or digital item, or take if further and add it to clothing, temporary tattoos, or other promotional items.

  4. You are helping others save paper. QR codes can replace multiple printed copies of  coupons, brochures, and other printed materials.

  5. With a QR code, you will be able to add more information to a sign or business card that would not fit in other way.

Wave UC will show you how QR Codes can help Small Businesses:

An easier way to track your marketing campaign is to add a QR Code to your print ads with a specific Coupon Code or to a special deal url hidden in your website.  You will not need to have your customers answering you long surveys of how they found out about you or about your campaign.
Wave Unified Communications - Blog QR Code Wave UC Marketing

Wave UC utilizes QR Codes on business cards and marketing campaigns

A common trend is to add QR Codes to vehicles wraps.  Any business area parking lot that you would see a commercial vehicle, there is a higher chance you would find a QR Code with their website or Facebook Page for you to “Like”.

There will always be a new tech gadget trend.  Some of them will be love at first sight, some of them will take a couple of years to mature.  Wave UC keeps an open mind for what is coming and analyzes what can help your business to grow.  Contact us today (813) 863-1480 for a Private Consultation for what is the best for your Business.

You can search more about QR Code by clicking on this link. If you want to download a Free QR Code scanner for your iPhone: click here.