Twitter for Small Business Marketing

Small Business Blog Twitter Image Size
Twitter for small business marketing is free, easy and efficient. By January 2014, Twitter had more than 645 million active users and this number keeps growing. Twitter can help small businesses by increasing their online presence. When building your Twitter profile, it’s important you have the proper images to professionally represent your business.

Image Sizes for Twitter

Your first impression counts. After you create a Twitter account for your business, you will need to make sure your Twitter page conveys the same brand, theme and style as your business.

Twitter Image Requirements: Profile Background Image

Background images must be in PNG, GIF, or JPG format and smaller than 2MB. To look nice on large-screen monitors try to use size of 2560 x 1600px or 2048 x 1120px.  Plan your visual content to occupy no more than 1366 x 768px.  The Twitter feed is around 870px.  Twitter also has a 10px safety margin, leaving you with around 230 by 700px for a sidebar to add a logo and content.

When reducing your browser window, the Twitter feed does not get smaller. For that reason, align your image with the left margin so the left logo will not get cut when reducing window.  Our Twitter page shows our Logo on the top left and shows our services below. Keep your message simple and clear for your followers.

Twitter for small business.

Correct Size for Twitter Profile Header Image

Twitter recommends 1200 × 600px, but it will resize any uploaded image to 520 × 260 pixels.  We recommend using darker or blurry images because your profile image will appear in front with your Twitter description in white letters. The maximum file size for header images in Twitter is 5 MB. Adding an image that represents your website is a good call as well.

Twitter for small business.

Correct Size for Twitter Profile Image

Twitter recommends 73 x 73px.  The maximum file size is 500 x 500 px, and this is what users will see when they click on your picture in your profile. When your profile picture appears next to your tweets and in the “Who To Follow” sidebar, Twitter will resize it down to 48 x 48px. Keep the image clear. Do not add too many details.  We use only our logo with a plain background.

Twitter for small business.

Wave UC is a professional Social Media Management company

If you visit our Twitter business profile, you will see how our images are consistent with our brand and our website design.  Hiring a professional Social Media Management company like Wave UC can make a serious impact on how your business is represented online.  In addition to other social media services, we design custom layouts that will reflect your business and your website.  Contact us today for a FREE quote or learn more about our Social Media and SEO Package.