New Google+ Image Sizes

Wave Unified Communications – Google Plus New Image Sizes

A few of weeks ago, just like any normal morning, I went to visit our Google+ Page.  To my surprise, our profile picture looked a little off, cutting off the bottom of our logo.  I checked in the office and no one had made any changes to our Google+ business page.

After a little of research, I noticed that Google had changed its criteria for images sizes. There was not a lot of information on how to update images nor were templates easily found. 

Looking closely, the whole change was not that bad. Even though the size of the cover image changed, its ratio remained the same – 16:9.  If you had uploaded an image with the correct ratio in the first place, you were not affected by the cover image change.

On the profile image, however, the image display size changed.  You still need to upload a square image that 250px square, but the image now is displayed as circular with a 250px diameter.  This means that content on the corners of your image will be clipped.

Here is some helpful info to create a new profile and cover photo template.

All images have a minimum and maximum size to be uploaded without causing major distortion.  I would advise using two different file formats for the images: PNG for Logo and text images.   JPG for Photos.  Keep a minimal resolution of 72dpi. Profile Image Size: 250px x 250px minimal size.  To guarantee your profile picture will display correctly, add a circle of same diameter and include your image/ logo inside.

New Google+ Profile Image Size

Cover Image Size: 480px x 270px minimal size.  Google will optimize the size of your cover image to accommodate different mobile devices.  For that reason, I would advise creating the image with a maximum size of 2120px x 1192px and let Google do the work.

Google Plus Cover Image Size

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