Are you monitoring your online reviews?

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A story I read on Facebook called my attention last week.   A customer of a well-renowned restaurant in Brazil recently had an awful experience.  On a hot summer day, this customer and their family decided to order some drinks and enjoy the day while sitting at some tables in a public section of this restaurant.  When they received the bill, there was an extra charge of $20 applied because they were “taking up the space.”  This is not a usual practice and no signs about this were posted anywhere in the restaurant, as required by law.  To avoid anymore trouble, the family paid the bill and left.

The unsatisfied customer went online and shared her experience with the world through the power of Facebook. Wave Unified Communications - Facebook Post

This event took place on the first week of January.  On January 8th, the unsatisfied consumer went on Facebook and described the experience.  By Friday, January 11th the owner of the restaurant personally called her to apologize for what happened.  He explained that the worker that had charged them extra for their seating was not following the rules and regulations of the establishment and had subsequently been fired.

 So the business owner took the correct approach by going back to customer to improve their service experience and recover his customer’s loyalty.  The customer then went back online and put a new comment about how the business owner did right by her and her family. Wave Unified Communications - Facebook Post What’s wrong with this picture?  Well, the bad review from the customer was shared more than 5,000 times, while her comment about the business owner fixing what was wrong only generated a lowly 25 shares.  Facebook users, more often than not, share an issue before checking for any updates. Due to human nature, bad reviews will always reach more people than good ones. Despite that, I want to share something positive: The Restaurant Owner took the correct measures and stood by his customer. Kudos to him! Wave Unified Communications - Facebook Post
  • Vivian

    As a former management employee, I heartily agree with the above. For many years prior to retiring, I was a sub-contractor for a University I won’t name and taught leadership skills to management staff. One of the hardest concepts for Managers to grasp was the ongoing necessity for feedback! They got so caught up with “managing” their employees and completing reports, they totally missed the valuable information that their customers possessed – how well the company was doing what it said it was doing! If a business wants to compete with other like businesses, it MUST have feedback from customers. That’s how you wisely spend your investments! You have to look at your areas of weakness, as well as your strengths, to give the customer the experience he/she expects! Feedback! Feedback! It’s a crucial piece of effective management!