Google Plus for Small Business: Formatting Text

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Google Plus for small business can help you increase your business presence online.  Google allows you to create a local listing for your business.  Once you verify your business with Google Places, you can enhance the listing by adding photos, videos and coupons.  A Google Local Business Listing provides you the opportunity to share more about your business including business hours, directions and contact information.  Your listing may appear in Google search results when people are looking for you. Your Google Listing also shows reviews your customers have left with Google and other third party websites like Merchant Circle.

Google+ for Small Business: Enhance your posts visibility

On a previous blog post about New Google+ Image Sizes, you already learned the correct image sizes to add to your Google Plus account.  On this Google+ for Small Business post, I will show you how to format the text in your posts.  Like any other social media channel, you need to find attractive and appealing content to post on your Google+ page.  Below are a couple of steps to follow:
  • Add an engaging tile or first sentence.
  • Add a relevant image to grab people’s attention.
  • Summarize the post with a call to action.
  • Hashtags will increase the visibility of your posts by displaying when people search for the hashtag word. For more information on how to use hashtags, visit our previous blog post about Hashtags in Social Media.
  • Use links that direct your Google+ followers to your business website.

How to format the text in your Google+ Post

Small businesses should stay focused on marketing their business online.  To draw more attention to your Google+ posts, you can format the text in your post.  Different than Facebook or Twitter, Google+ allows you to format the font in your post.  You can use text styles like bold, italic and strikethrough. You can add one, or all, of the different formats in a single post.  Just be cautious not to over do it.  You can add a strikethrough on a product price that is on sale.  Add bold font on your phone number or italic to a customer review.  The options are endless.  Be creative, advertise your business and play with different styles.  Make your posts stand out! Follow the simple steps:
  • Start by typing a new post just like normal
  • Any words you want to be bold, enclose them with an asterisk (*) (Example: *text*)

Google Plus for Small Business WaveUC

  • Any words you want to be italic, enclose them with an underscore (_) (Example: _text_)

Google Plus for Small Business WaveUC

  • Any words you want to be strikethrough, enclose them with a dash (-) (Example: -text-)

Google Plus for Small Business WaveUC

  • You can also combine these shortcodes like so to get bold and italic for example (i.e. *_text_*)
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