Google SEO Ranking Factors 2015

Google SEO ranking factors 2015 for local business| Wave UC Tampa

Wave Unified Communications SEO team is always on top of any and all relevant changes Google makes to SEO Ranking Factors in order to keep our customers on top of search result pages. Thanks to the efforts of SearchMetrics and their credible research, we do have a great idea of all the SEO ranking factors that matter the most and how they’ll affect small business websites.

Google SEO ranking factors 2015: Content Is Still King!

Google SEO ranking factors 2015 for local business| Wave UC Tampa

Website content is always on top of all SEO ranking factors. That’s why we always remind our customers to add relevant and fresh content to their small business website. High quality content is more valuable than ever. The length of that content is also important. One element that continues to grow is relative content. In the past few years, Google has been focusing more on the human side of the website. Remember the Google Panda update? That’s why we highly focus on simple, relevant and easy to read content.

Google SEO ranking factors 2015: Social Media Is More Important than Ever

Google SEO ranking factors 2015 for local business

Since Google has decided to focus more on the human aspect of SEO, social media indicators on Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter have become more important than ever. Social networks are where your customers go to share their experience with your business. As an example, we searched our own brand on Google (view image above) and you can see that almost 50% of the results on the page 1 of Google were social media accounts. That’s why we strongly recommend business owners seeking to improve their search position in Google go with our combined SEO & Social Media services.

Social media and social signals continue to become more of a dominant SEO ranking factor. Keep in mind that Google+ is the leading social media SEO ranking factor, followed by Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Backlink SEO Ranking Factors

We did see that quality backlinks and the total quantity of backlinks are still an important SEO factor. However, links with exact-match keywords are becoming less of a ranking factor as Google is tending toward classifying them as spam.

When another website links to your website, Google views this as a trust ranking factor. You can view it as if it is a vote for your website. This is why you should only link to authority websites. Be attentive with “backlink farms” that certain “SEO gurus” will offer for a cheap price. In SEO, quality backlinks count more than several low quality backlinks. We advise our customers to only link their website with high quality websites – websites that have a high trust score.

On-Page SEO Ranking Factors

On page SEO is where all good webmasters should start your SEO strategy. There’s a number of ranking factors that are of importance on-site. Another really new important factor to keep in mind: Site speed is becoming more of a top ranking factor for on-site SEO. Page Title, headings, sub-headings, and stylized content are all still important.

User Signal SEO Ranking Factors

We’re seeing user signals and user experience becoming more relevant than ever. Three areas that you need to focus on moving forward is (CTR) Click-Through Rate, Bounce Rate and Time On Site.

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Google SEO ranking factors 2015 Infographic: Understand how the deck is stacked


Credit Source: SearchMetrics