SEO Alert: Google Panda is running wild

Google Panda Wave UC blog post
Google Panda was first introduced in February 2011 to improve the quality of search results for their users. The goal of this service was to include more relevant and authoritative websites. Google has updated this service several times since its launch. Matt Cutts, head of the web spam team at Google, announced yesterday that Google had released version 4.0 of the Google Panda algorithm. Google Panda Matt Cutts Twitter Post Unlike the regular monthly updates, this was a significant release. Google has made changes to how Panda identifies website content. Some say that the new Google Panda 4.0 philosophy is based on a softer, more gentle website where everything must appear friendly and safe. If your website is PG-13 you may get hurt with this new update. Google Panda  

How Google Panda Affects Small Business

According to Matt Cutts at the Search Marketing Expo in March this year, this new generation of Google Panda should directly impact small businesses by helping them to rank better in Google search results.  This is the second time Google has softened this algorithm. The first time was in the July 2013 Google Panda update.  Panda filtered low quality websites with poor or little content.  It was designed to suppress unhelpful content used to manipulate search engine rankings in Google.  The biggest side effect of this update was that many small businesses were caught and lost their search visibility to big brands overnight. Google Panda will most likely affect small businesses that have been lured by those “SEO gurus”, offering magical results immediately and at a low cost.  Google Panda will also help catch black hat SEO practices.  Do not accept shortcuts. Hire a professional and reliable SEO company like Wave UC to assist you and assure your website is designed using only white hat SEO practices.  SEO package pricing is available on our SEO Services page.

How to Improve your Website Ranking with Google Panda

The main goal of your content is to provide value to your customer. Make sure you keep improving your website with relevant and interesting content. With Wave UC’s SEO package, we make sure your site is built with content that re-enforces your keywords and subject matter. Some important suggestions to improve your website rankings are:
  • Write high quality original content for your website
  • Design and navigation of the website should be easy, clean and well structured
  • Keep META data unique and relevant to the pages across your website
  • Have the website properly optimized for your target market
  • Don’t overdue it with keywords for rankings – focus on your users
  • Always post fresh quality content on your website (blog posts)
  • Don’t overdue it with ads
  • Don’t use any black-hat SEO tactics i.e. low quality links, content farms, etc.
  • Focus on a great content strategy that gets you natural links from authority websites
  • Increase your Social Media efforts. Google recognizes consistent well-written social media posts.

Social Media helps increase your Google Rankings

Wave UC’s SEO & Social Media Package includes active Social Media Management for your business. Social Media has become one of the most important factors in growing your business online. Our hands-on social media service makes it easy for you to communicate on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. We also offer blogging services to take content you provide and optimize it to be shared on your website blog and onward though your social media profiles.  Visit our Facebook page and Google+ page to see how we provide custom layout design and constant fresh content updates to reach new customers and keep your social media channels relevant. Inklyo designed and shared this helpful info-graphic that demonstrates why quality content is so important for your website: Google Panda Wave UC Hopefully, this new Google Panda update will bring good news for small businesses and small business websites. It should help them to better leverage Google’s search engine.  Call Wave UC at (813) 863-1480 to request a FREE evaluation of your website.  Ask the right questions when hiring a SEO company. Contact Wave UC today to start growing your business online.