Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns Explained by Wave UC

You might not be very familiar with the term “Google Shopping Campaigns“, but as a Google user, you’ve probably noticed some products showing up on the top right side of the Google search results page. That’s what we call Google Shopping.

Google Shopping Definition, well, by Google

Google Shopping, formerly Google Product Search, Google Products and Froogle, is a Google service invented by Craig Nevill-Manning which allows users to search for products on online shopping websites and compare prices between different vendors.

Google Shopping Campaigns Explained by Wave UC

That means that everyone that owns a store and sell products can easily add their products on Google? In terms, yes.

According to Moz “Google Shopping is an online shopping campaign which can really give merchants a headache.” You need to keep in mind that Google Shopping’s still a marketing campaign that needs to be well planned and managed in order to track if you’re having return on your investment or just throwing money out of the window…

How Google Shopping Campaigns Work

Google Shopping Campaigns Explained by Wave UC

Google Shopping campaigns put your product images, price, and business name right in front of people searching on Google, no matter what device they’re using. You only pay when people click through to visit your website or view your local inventory. Google Shopping ads appear alongside Google search results, when people search for the products you’re selling.

Benefits of hiring a Google Certified Company

Google Shopping Ads are so attractive because they can quickly drive highly targeted traffic to your website. The drawback is that it requires a lot of knowledge and experience to do it correctly. Many business owners will create a Google AdWords campaign and quickly blow through the budget and have nothing to show for it. It takes a great deal of experience and understanding of how PPC works in order to properly set up and manage a campaign.

The online marketing industry is always changing and Wave UC is always keeping up with the newest trends and changes. Hiring Wave UC to handle your campaign allows you to focus on running your business while our pay-per-click professionals focus 100% on your campaign and delivering your business a solid ROI.

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