Website Relaunch Announcement – Wave Unified Communications

Wave Unified Communications - Website Relaunch - Web Design in Tampa, FL

This blog post is dedicated to our website relaunch.  Wave UC is pleased to share our brand new website:  We have completely redesigned our layout.  Wave UC’s website is now easier to read with strong focus on content delivery.  We want you to know who we are, what we do and how we can help your business to grow!

Wave UC new Website

With this website relaunch, our focus continues to be our customers!  Our Home Page welcomes users with a clean uncluttered design.  You can also see a new modern blog summary and a clear display of the website services we offer. Our Services Page is now split out into six new pages: SEO, Social Media, Web Design, Web Hosting, eCommerce and Email Accounts. Wave UC is now more focused on a client-centric layout.  We allow visitors to easily navigate our site based on their choice of services.  Our new website strives to share Wave UC knowledge and expertise in the latest web technology. We now offer a simple and user-friendly experience for our customers.  We will continue to feature new types of rich content and trends, inspired by our own experiences. You will find this content on the blog.  We update our website on a regular basis.  We want to better serve you with the latest news and trends related to SEO, Social Media Management and Web Design.

Wave UC invests in Responsive Website Design

Wave Unified Communications - Website Relaunch - Web Design in Tampa, FL With the website relaunch, the new layout is completely fluid and fully responsive.  The new website design is optimized to look clean on all types of browser resolutions. It also has a touch-friendly mobile navigation menu.  The touch-friendly menu navigation will show on your mobile phones and tablets.  The Wave UC website has a cleaner page layout, easy navigation and more detailed information. We makes it easier for small business owners in the Tampa Bay area to find the website services they need.  We hope you enjoy exploring our new website.   Let us know what you think about our new design.  You can contact us through the website and sign up for our special offers.