Bitcoin Accepted By Wave Unified Communications

Wave Unified Communications - Bitcoin
Wave Unified Communications (Wave UC) is officially announcing that it will begin accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for its business website services. New and existing business customers, wishing to take advantage of the services offered by Wave UC, may choose to pay with Bitcoin.  This  will augment existing payment options such as business checks and credit cards, allowing customers to use their payment method of choice. Wave UC offers many business website services including the following: Contact us today for business website services you can buy with Bitcoin!

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a newer form of online digital currency.  Different than traditional currencies that are typically backed by country treasuries, Bitcoin exists as a peer-to-peer direct payment system.  This digital currency may be “bought” or “sold” similar to how you may buy or sell existing currencies from other countries.  Once you have it, you can spend it with vendors that accept Bitcoin, transfer money to other people online, or sell it through exchanges.  Bitcoin exchange rates fluctuate more dramatically than other money market exchange rates, mainly due to speculation and its newness to the mass market.

What businesses already accept Bitcoin?

You may be surprised at some of the businesses that are already accepting Bitcoin. From restaurants to barbers to online retailers, the list of merchants accepting this digital currency seems to grow everyday.  One of the biggest names on that list is  Will Amazon be next?

How can I get Bitcoin?

In order to get and use Bitcoin, you will need a Bitcoin wallet.  There are many vendors that provide this service.  Typically they are free and allow you to access your wallet through the Internet or your mobile phone.  We use Coinbase which makes the buying, selling, and management of your Bitcoin pretty straight forward.  We always recommend you do your own research before engaging in any agreements or transactions with third-party providers. Contact us today for business website services you can buy with Bitcoin!